New Application Release M-9 Pistol Manual

August 9, 2011


Our newest Android Application is released today Aug.9th

The U.S. M-9 Pistol Manual

This is the official U.S. military manual for the M-9 Pistol and is 120 pages long.

With all the information you need to keep your M-9 pistol in top notch working order.


Attention!!!! Military Collectors

June 25, 2011


Welcome to my wordpress site this is my first post.My name is Bob Ibanez and i am a part time Android Application Developer.I have a love of all things military and have been a military collector for many years.

With this in mind i have begun to create applications for the Android market.My applications are mostly for the military collector with a few for people interested in military weapons.I have created 18 applications so far a few are free most are paid apps.The nominal price i charge covers my server costs for space and bandwidth.I hope with a little spare time to create more applications for the market free and paid.

A little info on my apps i created them so that you can carry the manual or book you choose depending on the application you choose for your phone.My applications are created with a few things in mind first they must be small applications so as not to take to much space on your phone second they are created to be saved to your sd card also as not to take up space on your phone.I also created the application so that all downloaded manuals are saved to your sd card also.

With my applications a PDF Reader is needed to read the manuals. I provide a download link in my application for Adobe Reader so you will not have to pay for a reader.

A quick mention about Android Applications i try to create an application that will work on every Android Phone.But this is not always the case with over 450 phones on the market and more being added every month sometimes an application will not work on a particular phone.When this happens i notify google and try to fix the problem.If i can’t fix it i will give a full refund.

So give my Applications a try tell me what you think.

Look for Bob Ibanez in the search bar of the Android Market.

Thanks Bob Ibanez